While the banquet hall is contained within the structure of the fire department, the fire department does not control its rental. Rental arrangements are handled by the township Board of Trustees.

If you are interested in the hall for any upcoming events, please contact:

Richard Heberling

Township Trustee

(330) 651-2403 [mobile]

The trustees do not maintain individual email addresses.

Please do not contact the fire department for rental. You will be referred to the trustees who will assist you with your questions and arrangements. Some information is available on this site as listed below. Any other questions should be referred to the trustees.


Information Regarding Hall Rentals

Information is current as of MAR 17 2016 from the Vernon Township Trustees

Rental Charges - $600.00 (with security deposit)

The total rental fee for the rental of the hall is $600.00. The first $200.00 of this fee is a security deposit. This fee is returnable to the renter if, after the rental, no damage has been done to the hall and the renter has cleaned the hall. The remaining $400.00 is the actual fee for the hall rental itself and is obviously not refundable.

The $200.00 security deposit is for damage to the hall or any equipment therein. This security deposit applies to all renters. The renter is also responsible for damage to the hall if damages are above the $200.00 deposit. Reimbursement of the security deposit shall be at the discretion of the township trustees.

The security deposit will be returned within thirty (30) days after the hall use if the renter has met the conditions for security deposit return as outlined by the township trustees.

Securing Your Date

Potential renters must first contact the township trustees to determine if a date is available. If it is, and the potential renter wants to secure a date, $100.00 will be due to confirm the date. The date will not be locked until the initial $100.00 deposit is paid. The deposit is applied to the total rental fee.

The balance of the rental charges will be due seven (7) days in advance of the rental date.

Other General Rules and Information

All Vernon Township buildings are smoke-free. Smoking may be done outside the building.

No nails or thumbtacks are to be used on the tables, chairs, or walls.

The kitchen and its contents are available for use by renters. Renters must advise if they need the kitchen and the contents when making rental arrangements so that the trustees may advise the fire department.

The hall will be cleaned for use before the rental. Please remember that the renter is required to leave the hall as it was found before the rental. The hall and the surrounding grounds must be cleaned after the rental; failure to do so will be grounds for forfeit of the $200.00 security deposit.

Renters are responsible for their guests inside and outside of the building. This includes, but is not limited to: conduct, offensive language or actions, and the like.

The Vernon Township Trustees and the Burghill Vernon Fire Department, nor any of their representatives will be liable for any claim or injury while on Vernon Township property.

The hall is located inside an active fire department. Parking is situated around this fire department. Do not park within thirty (30) feet of the building, in any drive or accessway, or in front of any doors or your vehicle may be towed at the discretion of the fire department and/or the Vernon Township Trustees.