Section 3737.24 of the Ohio Revised Code requires the investigation of the origin and cause of all fires. This can be handled in a number of ways, including the department itself handling the investigation, a local outside agency handling the investigation, or a state agency conducting it.

The department has two fire investigators available for investigations, however their use depends on availability. Currently, our agency relies heavily on the services of the Trumbull County Fire and Explosion Investigation Unit, a dedicated team of fire investigators who also own and utilize an accelerant detecting dog. When this unit is requested, they will handle the investigation to its conclusion, including and up to prosecution in the event of arson fires.

Fires that involve a high-dollar loss amount (generally over $250,000.00) may be referred to the Ohio State Fire Marshal's Office for investigation, depending on consultation with the Trumbull County FEIU in regards to their capabilities.

Fires over $500,000.00 in loss will be referred to the State Fire Marshal's Office. Fires that are determined to be incendiary that involve interstate commerce may also be referred to the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives.


While there are no full-time fire safety inspectors on duty at the fire station, this agency does offer limited fire safety inspection services.

  • Business inspections
  • Initial occupancy inspections
  • Construction inspections (including plan review)
  • Foster care and adoptive home fire safety inspections
  • Inspections for wood-burning stoves in residences if required by insurance companies

The Inspection Bureau also provides educational services and fire prevention education. In the past, we have conducted some events such as:

  • Bi-annual Prom Promise Mock Crash at the Joseph Badger K-12 Complex
  • Fire Prevention Week education
  • Fire safety seminars

We do not, however provide Juvenile Firesetter Education. In the event that these services are required, we will refer to an individual who is specifically trained to handle juvenile firesetters.