If you have questions about your bill, or if you need to make a payment, please contact our billing agent directly:

L&D Medical Billing

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Questions and Making Payments

The fee schedule for billing is established by resolution by the township Board of Trustees, and is consistent with acceptable fees for service throughout the area. It is generally reviewed annually, and may also be reviewed when rates change at other times throughout the year.

Due to the facts that the fees do occasionally adjust, we do not post them here on our website. The fee schedule is available by request from our billing agency, L&D Medical Billing.

Fees Schedule

The Burghill Vernon Fire Department bills for certain services that it provides. In some situations, people who receive services are fully responsible for the bill, and in others, they may not be responsible at all. This has to do with insurance along with the type(s) of services provided.

We bill for the following services:

  • Basic Life Support (BLS) Ambulance Transports, including loaded mileage to the hospital
  • Advanced Life Support (ALS) Ambulance Transports, including loaded mileage to the hospital
  • Patient refusals (call for service and patient refuses transport)
  • Fire department services on motor vehicle crash incidents
  • Fire department services on hazardous material spills/incidents

Shortly after a billable incident, the billing agency for the fire department will submit a bill to the responsible party. If insurance information is on file, the insurance will be billed first. If we have no insurance information, the responsible party will likely get the bill first, with a request to submit insurance information to our billing agency. Once the insurance pays on the bill, the remainder may or may not be the responsible person's responsibility. Responsibility varies based on the type of insurance, and whether the patient is a resident of Vernon Township.

Residents of Vernon Township, by the nature of paying property taxes, are eligible for forgiveness on the outstanding remaining balance on basic life support transports (BLS transports). Those who are not residents of the township are not eligible for this forgiveness. ALL patients, regardless of resident status, are responsible for any advanced life support (ALS ) transport fees. This is calculated as the difference between the fee for BLS transport and the level of ALS transport provided.

​Individuals who rent property or residences in the township, are, for the purposes of billing, non-residents​, and are responsible for both BLS and ALS transport fees. ​There is no forgiveness for those who rent - only for those who own property in the township​.

Billing - How it Works