Founded in 1855, Vernon Township is one of twenty-four townships situated in Trumbull County, with its center being located at the intersection of Ohio State Route 7 and Ohio State Route 88. The township is 25 square miles, with its eastern border adjacent to Mercer County, Pennsylvania. Other surrounding Trumbull County townships include Hartford (south), Johnston (west), and Kinsman (north). Trumbull County is situated in the northeastern corner of Ohio, with, as noted, Pennsylvania adjacent to its east, and Ashtabula County (and Lake Erie) to its north.

The 2010 census has the population of Vernon Township at around 1,500 people, a number that unfortunately has steadily declined over the past twenty years. Much of the township is owned by either the State of Ohio in locally well-known game lands, or the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers as the waterways (Mill Creek) that run through the township feed the Shenango River that eventually enters the Shenango River Lake. This area, as it is owned by other governmental agencies, is not subject to tax assessment, and thus, Vernon Township receives no revenue for approximately 48% of the land in its borders.

Vernon Township operates with a Board of Trustees as its governing body. Three trustees make up this Board, and each is elected to a staggered four-year term. The fiscal officer (formerly known as the "clerk") is also elected, and while this officer functions as essentially a "secretary/treasurer" for the township, he or she has no vote with the Board of Trustees. Townships in Ohio are regulated by Title 5, "Townships", of the Ohio Revised Code.

There are no municipal corporations located within Vernon Township. However, the small area of Burghill is located in the southernmost part of the township.

Vernon Township does not have its own police force. The township's primary police protection is provided by the Trumbull County Sheriff's Office. As needed, assistance may be requested by the Sheriff's Department by other local agencies such as Kinsman or Hartford Police, but these agencies are part-time and do not always have coverage available.

The Joseph Badger Local School District K-12 Complex is located in Vernon Township. Built in 2003, the complex consolidated schools that were originally located in the four townships that make up the school district. The township, along with the fire department, enjoy a healthy working relationship with the school district.

Other notable locations in Vernon Township include the Storeyland Christmas Tree Farm, a family-owned farm that draws customers during the holiday season from all points of the area; and Camp Sugarbush, a Girl Scout camp that once was the site of a Girl Scout Jamboree.

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Vernon Township, Trumbull County, Ohio